IRC Current Event

IRC's LakeFest / September 8, 2019 / Miller's Landing

The Iowa Reunion Club will sponsor and host their annual late summer event, the IRC LakeFest, on Sunday, September 8, 2019. The club will hold the event at Miller's Landing just west of Osage Beach and at the 28 Mile Marker. The IRC "LakeFest" is the 9th of twelve events being sponsored by the club this year. You must be a current club member to attend IRC sponsored events. IRC member's visiting family are always welcome and encouraged to attend the IRC events with you.


The Iowa Reunion Club will celebrate their late summer event, the IRC LakeFest,again this year at Miller's Landing on the water. The club members attending will order off the regular menu and be responsible for their own food, drink and tip costs. IF YOU KNOW you may be attending this event, please use the direct e-mail "Event Confirmation" link below to e-mail the Iowa Reunion Club to give Miller's Landing an estimate on how many members will be attending this event.


This event will run from 3:00 through 6:00 and you can order your food and eat at anytime between these hours. At this event, we will have the popular IRC Iowa trivia game, "Who Wants To Be An Iowan" during the event, with the two different sides of the Cows and the Pigs going head to head in an Iowa trivia contest. The Iowa trivia contest will start around 4:15.  

  "Event Confirmation" link. Click to E-Mail the Iowa Reunion Club that you will be coming to this event.  


IRC LakeFest Menu:

Members attending will order off the regular Miller's Landing menu.

Cash Bar Available

IRC LakeFest Date & Time:

Sunday,  September 8, 2019

3:00 to 6:00 

Iowa Trivia contest starts around 4:15   

IRC LakeFest Location:

Miller's Landing on the Water

Lake Road 54-63 & the 28 Mile Marker

Osage Beach, MO

(See driving directions below )

IRC LakeFest Event Cost:

Members attending will order off the regular Miller's Landing menu and be responsible for their own food, drink and tip.




By Land

Miller's Landing is west of Osage Beach on Highway 54. Coming from Osage Beach it is the first right after Mexicali Blues Restaurant and from Camdenton the second left past "Y Road". You will turn off of Highway 54 onto Lake Road 54-63, which is also known as "Runabout Road". Once onto 54-63 (Runabout Road), take this road all the way down until it end at Miller's Landing. Look for their sign.

By Boat

By water, Miller's Landing is at the 28 Mile Marker (more specifically the 28 and 1/4 MM) of the main channel (it is on the Osage Beach side of the lake channel, which is the same side as Tan-Tar-A Resorts on the water). It is in the only big cove at the 28 mile marker. Going uplake (from smaller miler markers to larger) you will turn left into their cove. Going downlake, you will turn right in to their cove. You will see Miller's Landing as you enter the cove. On a lake map, the cove they are in is called "Race Track Hollow Cove".