IRC Events

The  Iowa Reunion Club sponsors and hosts many events each year for the club members, including 6 annual  events and 6 Mid Week Events that are scheduled  throughout the year. For complete descriptions of each IRC event, please scroll down below this section.

Iowa Reunion Club Annual Events 

IRC Lake PizzaFest - Held each year in mid February

Iowa Reunion Dinner - Held in late April of each year

IRC RegattaQue - A lake side picnic held in early June at Ha Ha Tonka State Park that includes yard games and a hike to the Castle

IRC LakeFest - Held each year in September at a fun lakeside facility. We hold the "Who Wants To Be An Iowan" trivia game at this event

Iowactoberfeast (I-woc-tober-feast) - Our seasonal Fall event that is held each October

Christmas on the Lake - Our Christmas holiday dinner held in early December to celebrate Christmas On The Lake with the club members

IRC Mid Week Events

The Iowa Reunion Club hosts 6 "IRC Mid Week Events"  throughout the year on a weekday evening to allow club members to get together for a fun night out. A large number of IRC  members attend these events, especially in the summer months, as they  can boat to these events. Each of these events has a fun "theme and  name".
Retired IRC Events 

The IRC has retired a number of their annual events, such as the Fall Luau, IRC Spring Fling, IRC Sunset Dinner Cruise, Picnic on the Lake, and the IRC LakeSplash to make room for the current Iowa Reunion Club annual and Mid Week events that we currently plan and host for the IRC members to attend and enjoy.


IRC Annual & Mid Week Event Descriptions

IRC Lake PizzaFest

The Iowa Reunion Club holds this fun event each year, the IRC Lake PizzaFest, in mid February. This annual event is an "All You Can Eat" pizza party, with all the pizza, pasta and garlic bread members  care to eat for one low price. The IRC Lake PizzaFest is one of the  oldest continuing annual IRC events the club holds, dating back to 1996.  This event allows the IRC members to get together during the winter  when not much else is going on at the Lake of the Ozarks. 

Annual Iowa Reunion Dinner
The Annual Iowa Reunion Dinner is the club's signature event of each year, held in April. Each year the Iowa Reunion Club hands out the "IRC Awards" to members attending this great lake area event. The IRC Awards are given out for the "Oldest Iowan On The Lake", the "Iowan At The Lake The Longest", the "Newest Iowan To The Lake", the "Most Ozarkian Iowan", and the "Most Iowanly Dressed". During this event, the IRC Charter Members attending the dinner are honored. The night is started off with the singing of the Iowa Corn Song (see "Iowa Corn Song" in the menu for the MP3 music, lyrics and history of the Iowa Corn Song). 

IRC RegattaQue

One  of the club's more popular events is the IRC RegattaQue Picnic, which  takes place in early June, and includes a lake side picnic, yard games,  and a hike to the Castle. Club members can either drive to the park or they can boat to this event and use the docks near the Lake Side Shelter  House the Iowa Reunion Club reserves each year. The Ha Ha Tonka Lake Shelter House is right on the shores of the lake waters at the state park. The club members attending this event also bring their favorite yard games for the IRC members to play along the lake shore. Many Iowa Reunion Club members like to bring their grandchildren and family members that are visiting the Lake to this fun event This popular event is held in early June each year, so the weather is always great for a picnic.

IRC LakeFest

A fun afternoon for club members at an IRC selected popular lake front restaurant and featuring great food right on their lake front decks. During this event, the IRC members attending play the trivia game "Who Wants To Be An Iowan" with two teams of four IRC members divided into the "Cows" and the "Pigs". The "cows" signal they know the answer to the trivia questions asked by "mooing", and the "pigs" signal they know the trivia question answer by "oinking". The remainder of the members attending then support the group of their choice and if the teams can't answer the trivia questions, they are thrown to the audience members to answer the questions. This event is held in the early part of September each year. You can arrive to this event by boat or by car. 

Iowactoberfeast ( I-woc-tober-feast)

This popular annual event, IowactoberFeast (I-woc-tober-feast), is of course held in October during the later part of the month. Also, many of the Iowa Reunion Club members attend this event by boat, taking in the breath taking changing of the leaves along the lake's shore. Each year, the IRC selects a different lake front facility to host this fun event. In 2006 and in 2008, two different IRC couples that have been in the IRC for many years opened up their lake home to host this fun Fall event as a potluck feast, and members arrived by car, and by boat at their dock. This event is one of the last boat trips club members take on the lake before laying up their boats.

Christmas on the Lake

The final event of each year is the IRC Christmas Dinner - Christmas On The Lake, traditionally held at a lake front location in early December amid their Christmas decorations. Following this annual dinner, celebrating the arrival of "Christmas On The Lake", the members then take part in fun Christmas activities. Many years, members can attend this event arriving either by boat or car to celebrate this annual Christmas event. As a tradition at this event, the Iowa Reunion Club members that are attending the Christmas dinner select and sing their favorite Christmas carols. We then end up finishing with a rousing round of the "12 Days Of Christmas", where the IRC club members are divided into groups to sing their designated day of each of the "12 Days Of Christmas". Each group also "acts out" their part of each of the  "12 day's" activities from the song, such as "10 Lords A Leaping" or "6 Geese A Laying" or "8 Maids A Milking"... You get the idea. The schedule of club events for the coming year are announced at this event. The IRC's "Christmas on the Lake" is one of the longest continuing IRC events.

IRC Mid Week Events

Throughout the year, the Iowa Reunion Club will hold six "IRC Mid Week Events" planned on a weekday, such as the IRC Summer Night Out, the IRC St. Pat's Day and other evenings out. These Iowa Reunion Club Mid Week Events are held on a weekday evening to allow the club members to get together for dinner and a fun night out with the other club members. The IRC Mid Week Events are specifically  designed to allow the club members to get together between the six annual Iowa Reunion Club events scheduled each and every year and as described to the left. This also gives those club members that cannot attend an annual Iowa Reunion Club event the chance to get together with their fellow IRC members without waiting as long for the next annual event to take place.


The IRC Mid Week events are held at lake area restaurants, and always at a lake front restaurant when "in season" to allow members to also arrive by boat. These IRC Mid Week Events are popular with club members and we can get a good crowd at these events. As with the IRC Annual Events, we do ask the club members to send the club a courtesy e-mail so we can give the host facility an approximate head count of how many members will be attending.

At the time this page was last updated, the current IRC Mid Week Events included the "IRC Winter Thaw" in mid January, the "IRC St. Pat's Day at Shrimp Daddy's" on or near March 17th each year, the June Mid Week event gets a "new theme " each year when it is held in late June, the "IRC's Mid Summer Lake Night" event in mid July, the "IRC Hot August Lake Night" event in mid August, and the "A Night at The Cantina" in early November.


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